Reservation, arrivals, departure and insurance

What are the requirements for renting a motorhome(“RV”)?
Have a valid driver’s license. You must be at least 26 years old and over with a driver’s license that has been valid for more than one year.
What kind of driver's license do I need?
You must have a valid driver's license to rent and drive a RV in Japan. Please refer necessary items described in the “Guide” → “Rental Flow” → “02 Pick-up”
Are there any situations where I won't be able to rent a vehicle even if I possess a valid license?
AJRV can refuse to execute the rental agreement when the customer appears to be under the influence of alcohol, when the driver shows up at the rental counter differs from the driver specified at the time of reservation, when the customer failed to pay fees or return the vehicle in the previous rental and so on. For more details, please check the Article 9, Chapter 3 of the Terms and Conditions.
What constitute a rental day
Rental day is calculated based on the calendar days. You’ll have to pay for a full day's rate on the day you pick up and a full day for the day you returned, regardless of the time of the day.
For your convenience, AJRV provides special rate in picking up from 6PM through 8PM and returning by 11AM. Please check the Price Table.
What if I have to cancel my reservation?
You may cancel your reservation by contacting AJRV via e-mail, inquiry form or phone.
Please note that cancellation fee will be charged on the following conditions.

【Cancellation fee】

・44 to 16 days prior to pick-up date……10% of the total amount
・15 days prior to pick-up date……20% of the total amount
・One day prior to pick-up date and during our business hour……80% of the total amount
・On or after pick-up date……100% of the total amount
Cancel after 6PM(JST) shall be treated as the following day.
How to make change a reservation?
Please contact us via e-mail, inquiry form or phone in case you need to change a reservation. Please note that modification fee 3,300 will be charged if the change is made 44 to 30 days prior to the pick-up date. And cancellation fee will be charged if the change is made prior to 29days before the pick-up date.
Are there any coverage provided with the rental?
AJRV’s rental fees include coverages in excess of minimum automobile coverages required by law. Please refer “Guide” →”Insurance and Accident” outlining insurance coverages.
What if I am late in returning the vehicle?
If you may be overdue, please contact AJRV before 2 hours of your scheduled returning time. A fee of 2,000yen/hour will be charged. You cannot return the vehicle other than AJRV’s opening hours.
What if I return the vehicle before the date is due?
No refunds will be made for early returns. If you want to return before the scheduled date and/or time, please contact AJRV one day before the scheduled returning date and time. The staff may not be available if you do not contact us in advance.
Do I need to fuel the vehicle?
As vehicles are rented out with a full tank of gas, customers are required to re-fill their tanks with the fuel before returning the RV. If you fail to return the RV with a full tank of gas, you will be charged for its cost based on distance travelled. Please be aware that this may result in fuel charges higher than the actual fuel cost.
What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?
Please refer “Insurance and Accident” page of AJRV web site.
Do I need to carry out these procedures set forth in the “Insurance and Accident” even for small scrapes, rather than accidents?
Yes, you need to carry out these procedures set forth in the “Insurance and Accident” of AJRV web site regardless of the degree of damage and denting, and whether or not any third parties were involved. Please carry out the above procedures for all incidents, including for those of which you are unsure. If you do not carry out necessary procedures, insurance, coverage and CDW will not apply and the customer will bear responsibility for its payments.

Vehicle Information

Are pets allowed in the RV?
Pets are not allowed as of April 2021. If we found bringing pets in RV, you will be charged a penalty.
Can I smoke in the vehicle?
Smoking is prohibited in the RV.
How can learn to operate the components of the RV?
AJRV will walk you through on how to operate the RV before departure. It will take approximately 30minutes to one hour.
Does the RV have free WIFI available?
Yes. Free WIFI is available in the RV.
Do you rent GPS.
The RV is equipped with Display Audio which can connect to a mobile.
Is it safe to drink the water from the RV’s tank?
We do not recommend drinking the water from the tank. We recommend you use bottled water for the drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is for washing.
How many people can ride in the motorhome.
Cresson Journey Type X and Type Y can hold a family up to 6.
Do you have child seats or boosters?
You can rent child seats and/or booter seats at the location on the rental day. The RV can set up to 2 child seats.
Can I reserve optional items such as winter tires and ski racks?
AJRV does not offer ski racks. AJRV offers Winter Tires and 2 Snow Socks as an optional item. Its fee is 4,000yen/rental including tax. If you want winter tires, please reserve more than 5 days in advance or we may not be able to provide them on your rental day.
Do I need to bring my own bedding?
You may bring your own or you can rent a sleeping bag at the location. Or you can also purchase a sleeping bag at the location. Please check “Price” → “Optional Equipment”.
Does the RV comes equipped with cook wares?
You can rent a barbeque stove, a kitchen set and so on. Please check the Optional Equipment page of AJRV web site. For your information, the RV comes standard with a microwave and a portable stove.
Does an air conditioner work all night without keeping the engine running?
You can use air condition without keeping the engine running since the RV equipped with 3 sub batteries. But if it runs at full capacity, it may run only a couple of hours. Using the external power enables the air conditioner to operate all night without keeping the engine running.
Does heating system works all night without keeping the engine running.
Yes. The RV is comes equipped with FF heating system that uses fuel and be able to operate without keeping the engine running. It will consume a couple of litters of gas even using all night.

On the Road

Is it difficult to drive the RV?
AJRV’s RV is like a handling the C class which has a van chassis.
Where can I park and stay the night with the RV?
Basically, you can park and stay the night at Auto Camp Sites and RV Parks which are places for a RV to stay the night.
What kind of facilities might Auto Camp sites and RV Parks offer?
It varies based on the facilities. Generally, the facilities would include electricity, water, playground and BBQ pits. If you have any particular place in mind, please feel free to contact AJRV. AJRV will be delighted to support your travel in Japan.
Are facilities close to the rental location where I can purchase supplies, daily used items?
Our friendly staff will be happy to direct you the closest shopping center, home improvement store and fueling facilities.
Incidentally, you can purchase camping outfit at the rental location such as sleeping bags and BBQ items. Please see Optional Equipment page.