Departing from Tokyo

Exploring Japan
with a motor home

Experience wonderful moments with motor home.

Driving motor home has never been happier.
There are countless attractive holiday spots all over Japan. Many of the fascinating spots in Japan are only accessible by car.
RV rentals allow you to drive the RV anywhere in Japan such as experience an onsen or hot spring, participate in matsuri or festival, have a hanami in cherry blossoms season, visit holy shrines and temples and more.

The reason why

Our RVs are equipped with ultra-shock absorbers and ultra-stabilizers to refrain from rolling and swinging back to enable running stability on a curve, expressway and a mountain road.

Measures of safe driving

Our RVs are coated with Photocatalyst for antivirus and antimicrobial.
And each of our RVs is thoroughly cleaned between every rental and disinfected with alcohol to keep RVs clean and safe.

Measures of Disinfection

Our RV’s Evolite charge system which is an ultra-high efficiency battery charging system enables using the air conditioner without keeping the engine running all nights. Furthermore, the sub-batteries are charged by our RV’s solar panel in a sunny day.

Measures of electric power

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Exploring Japan with RV

We had wonderful time, exploring Japan with RV, W-

Hot springs hopping round trip between Tokyo and Osaka

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