5 important points for beginners driving motorhome in Japan

For your comfort to drive a motor home here in Japan, followings are the points Around Japan RV (“AJRV”) would like you to know.

You may feel uneasy driving in Japan, but the most important thing is to drive not too fast and obey the Japanese traffic rules. If you keep this in mind, we believe you can drive as usual. And please note, ① in Japan, the steering wheel is on the right side and keep drive to the left. ② The notable difference between a normal sedan call car (”normal vehicle”) and a motor home is a height and a weight.
Please bear in mind this with the followings 5 important points and have a great trip!!


Important point 1: Notice the dimension of the motorhome

AJRV’s motorhome(“RV”) has a 3meter (9.8 feet) height. So do not enter the area which signs 高さ(height) 3メートル(3 meter) and under.


Important point 2: Apply the breaks early

A motor home is heavier than its size, the brakes may not so sharper than the normal vehicle. It is important to apply breaks earlier than the normal vehicle.


Important point 3: When turning to the left, turn slowly with checking the side mirror.

The Driver’s seat of the normal vehicle positions is in the center of the vehicle while the RV is in the front of the motor home. For this reason, you may be turning too early. It may better to let a beat pass pause a moment compare with the normal vehicle.

And when turning to the left, look in your side mirrors and check that the rear tires are following your intended path.


Important point 4: Reduce the speed before a curve

Before a curve, reduce your speed and turn your steering wheel gently. Also, always keep a safe gap between you and the car in front of you. Do not tail gate. And refrain from abrupt steering. A motor home has a high center of gravity and weight, giving them less stability than the normal vehicle, you will feel shaky situation. Or at the worst, it may be roll over.



Important point 5:
Curb your speed. Maximum speed to be 80km/h to 90km/h {50 miles/h to 56mils/h}

Unlike the normal vehicles, the RV is not designed to drive 100km/hours (60 miles/hour). 80km/hours to 90km/hours are most comfortable speed to drive in expressways.
If you speed too fast, it may cause roll over and/or burst.