Drive all the way around Kii peninsula (Wakayama, Japan)

Had driven all the way around Kii peninsula in 3 days from November 16, 2021, to November 18, 2021.


Day 1:
Started November 16th, 10:30 AM from the Around Japan Rental South Osaka location in Toriishi, Takaishi city, Osaka. Had lunch along the way and purchased water and groceries for supper at the Gkyomu Super. (A translator note: The Gyomu Super is a budget supermarket which has more than 900 locations all over Japan.)
At 6PM, arrived IIZAKA Michino-Eki or Roadside station (: Roadside station (“Michino-Eki”) is the rest house located in the open roads equipped with parking lots, rest rooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products) in Matsuzaka-city Mie prefecture.

The IIZAKA Michino-Eki is located wide size parking space, it was easy to park and stay overnight. And there is a hot spring in the IIZAKA Michino-Eki. After enjoying and relaxing the hot spring, prepared supper. As we boiled Astuage(:Thick fried tofu) with pan on a portable stove(: equipped with motor home), it was easy to cook inside the motor home since it was smokeless as we did not use cooking oil. You can serve rice by using a microwave oven (: equipped with motorhome), we all satisfied with everything.


Day 2:
On November 17th, we moved to KIINAGASHIM and had breakfast. Visited the Kuman Hongu Taisha and the Kumanonachi Taishsa(:picture above) and stayed overnight at Nachi Michino-Eki. Again, there is a hot-spur in Nachi Michino-Eki.. This day, we had bento or boxed meal including sashimi and enjoyed drinking in the motorhome.


Day 3:
November 18th. Visited Hashigui-Iwa(: a photo above) and had breakfast at Shiono-Misaki. Visited Susamiya Michino-Ekia, ToreTore Park (: A largest fish market in western area of Japan) and returned the motorhome at 5PM, the Around Japan RV Rental South Osaka location.

I think you can cook in the motorhome if its smokeless. Even though we used microwave, the battery did not deplete. We had 100% battery charge remaining at the time of the arrival of the Michino-eki, turning on room lights, refrigerator (equipped with motorhome), ventilating fan, and microwave but it still had 70% remaining. So, we did not aware of electrical power during our travel.
Then as we drive a few hours, the battery was charged to 100%. I think we may need to stay at RV park for only summer season. (:RV park is a space for motorhome set up in one area such as a parking lot and AC power outlets where you enjoy staying safely and comfortably in the car.)

We had great time and want to travel with renting a motorhome again.