Drive 1,000km trip. Great Summer Adventure

Road trip with a motorhome
Shizuoka ~Yamanashi ~Nagano ~Gifu

キャンピングカー体験紀行 走行1,000㎞ 夏の大冒険!

4nights 5day road trip with a motorhome rented from Around Japan RV Rental.

The main destination of this trip is to Mt. Fuji!!!
As I had wanted to show Mt Fuji to my children, headed for straight to east! Since the AROUND JAPAN RV rental has special rate for picking up between 6PM and 8PM, I could rent it after work finished.


Took a nap in the motor home



Firstly, went to Nara district, the Meihan national road, took on the Ise Expressway through the Kameyama IC, and got on the Nagoya expressway, which had been running smoothly. But, as sleep stole over me suddenly, parked in a service area to take a nap. I just planned to take a catnap but found it was 8AM when I woke up. I overslept due to great condition in the motor home. Inside the motor home is amazingly comfortable since the air-conditioner was working strongly even though cutting its engine as it equipped with 3 sub batteries.After taking breakfast, head to the east.


Kaisen-Don (:assorted raw seafood dishes) at the Suruga bay.


駿河湾で海鮮丼The destination of the first day was the Mishima skywalk. However, due to torrential, some sections of the Shin-Tomei express way had closed, so change the route and got on the Tomie express way and could had a good kaisen don.


The Mishima Skywalk



The Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge 400m(:1,312ft) long. When we arrived, it was raining cats and dogs, we had waited in the motor home for about 20 minutes. At a time like this, motor home had allowed us watching the TV until the rain lets up. As the rain had let up a bit, visited the suspension bridge. If it had been a sunny day, we could have seen the view of Mt. Fuji and Tsuruga bay. But we could enjoy the Izu Peninsula view. If we had enough time, we could have visited some activities such as ZIP-LINE. Left the Mishima Skywalk, headed to today’s destination the Lake Kawaguchi to which RV Park locates closer. On the way to the RV park, purchased some foods for supper.


The Lake Kawaguchi Craft Park



The RV Park locates in the craft park, lakeside of the Lake Kawaguchi, which is well equipped such as power sources, rest rooms, water supplies, shower rooms and so on. First of all, connected the power source and leisurely enjoyed the family gathering in the motor home.


Next morning, we enjoyed the Mt. Fuji view that we could not see yesterday. Hmm, the clouds are over the Mt. Fuji though, it’s beautiful.


Fuji-Q Highland



2nd day: We went to the Fuji-Q Highland which children requested us to visit there eagerly. It was about 15 minutes’ drive from the RV park. I was glad I could park in the normal parking space which has enough room to park. If not I have to park the large size parking spaces which are somewhat far from the Highland. In the Highland, we could have cool beverages as we froze the beverages in plastic bottles, thanks to the refrigerator which is equipped in the motor home. Visiting with the motor home was physically comfortable as we had lunch in the strongly air-conditioned motorhome and then re-entered the Highland. On the second day, we stayed the night at a Ryokan (:Traditional Japanese Inn) in the Isawa-onsen. Had relaxed in the onsen. (: hot spring)


Lake Tateshina ~Lake Shirakaba (Venus-line)



On the 3rd day, surged to North to Minami Shinshu. Got on the Venus-Line to head the Lake Tateshina. Blessed to the weather, had a comfortable drive. Shoot some photos just before the Lake Tateshina and headed to the “Michinoeki Venus-Line Lake Tateshina” (: road station)


Michinoeki Venus-Line Lake Tateshina



The Michinoeki Venus-Line Lake Tateshina has a walking path around it, which was very beautiful. It was a pity the view was covered by clouds even it did not rain. After the Michinoeki, though headed to the Lake Shirkaba, it had started to rain. So went to the Gifu city at which we stay the night for the third day.


Yunohana Island RV Park



The Yunohana RV Park was a user-friendly RV park which locates closer to the Kiso River that has hot springs, power sources and spacious spaces. As the third day is the last night of our trip, enjoyed an onsen (: hot spring) relaxingly and fully enjoyed the last supper purchased at the market. On the 4th day morning, got up a little late, had breakfast and checked out. Got on the Iseexpress way, Meihan expressway for return to the Around Japan RV Rental location in Takaishi city.


Next time, Kyushu



Had driven around 1,000km (:621Mile), I did not tired and more than anything kids enjoyed and the greatly admired. Next time I want to visit Kyushu area renting the motor home.