Hot springs hopping round trip between Tokyo and Osaka

Since my wife and a child had been vising her parent in Osaka, I had planned to rent a motorhome at Tokyo branch of AROUND JAPAN RV Rental(“AJRV”) for picking up them at Osaka and return with them to Tokyo. I only decided return date and the last destination. We only had just envisioned to visit Hokuriku region and back to Tokyo.

Day 1 and Day 2: Hikone castle

Picked up a motorhome at 6PM at Shinkiba Tokyo branch of AJRV, using advantageous price of Date Before Rental Rate, and drove a night to Osaka where my wife and a child were waiting for. It was great and felt safe as I could take a nap in the motorhome anytime in the service area. Next morning, met with my family. Without any idea, headed to North or to Siga prefecture. We had fun at the Ogoto hot spring’s foot bath and fully enjoyed visiting Hikone castle covered with snow until right before the closing time. That night, we stayed the night at RV Park in the Maibara city. The day was over before I realized it. Now, what we do next day?

Day 3: Shirakawa-Go

I felt it may not be able to travel Hokuriku region since we only had 2 days left. And I did not want to spent driving longer, I had changed my mind and to visit and enjoy local foods and hot springs instead of visiting Hokuriku region. This selfish mind was the best part of travelling with a motorhome. So, I decided to visit Shirkawa -go where we only can visit by car. There was snow as far as the eye can see and feeling of nostalgia, I of course and my daughter delighted as well. Then, we headed to the east to Takayama city, which we thoroughly tasted “Takayama ramen” at dinner, greatly enjoyed Hirayu Hot spring and stay the night in the motorhome.

Day 4: Suwa Lake

Now our trip was coming to an end very soon.。 Today, visited Suwa lake where famous for OWATARI or ice cracks in large sections, called {"god crossing"}. Had lunch there and had completed washing closes at a coin laundry prepared for going back to our place. This night, stayed at Budounooka RV park. We had great time taking a bath with great view.

Day 5: Back to our place

Had Hayabusa hot spring in the morning clinging itself to the body has a fine texture. After enjoyed the hot spring, had lunch and finally back to Tokyo. Welcome kind and friendly staff of AROUND JAPAN RV Rental, our trip was over.

Although this was not my first trip with motorhome, we had a great time renting motorhome this time. It really was an unforgettably trip for me and my family. Thank you.


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